Jackie, Pt. 1

She is someone who admits she took a very long and difficult road before finding her exit for the straight and narrow one. As she tells it, there is trauma and abuse, adultery and murder, grand theft and homelessness, broken family and loss. Yet at the end of it all there is redemption, restoration, and an incredible child of God with a story to tell.

Hot Rod

One of the hardest parts of loss is seeing things finish without the person you started them with. But that shouldn’t mean despair for us. The fact that godly plans do eventually pan out should only give us hope moving forward. A certain friend’s wedding reminded me how.

How a Grinch Stole New Years

Cass and I talked about moving a lot… maybe as a kind of coping mechanism when life got stressful for her. But as eager as I was to be moved out and for everything to be changed, I didn’t really want to do the moving or the changing. So when the time finally came, I found another couple coping mechanisms: one was pretty terrible, the other pretty fantastic.